Who We Are

Christopher de Serres is the Co-Founder of (Wo)Men Speak Out™ and Editor of Minizine, a WSO online publication. A public speaker and freelance writer with a lifelong passion of the psychology and sociology, Chris has explored such subjects as the emotional and cultural impacts of abuse, gender constraints and recidivism in our communities. While much of his work serves his passions, he explores subjects that both educate and explore a more globally diverse context to include cultural variousness and the impact humans are having on the environment. During his free time, Chris is an avid rock climber and curious tourist. He currently lives in Seattle, WA.

Through her work as Director of Ophelia’s Love and Co-Founder of (Wo)Men Speak Out™, Ophelia de Serres has a style that is uniquely her own. She draws from her personal experience as a survivor of CSA, intimate partner violence and over 10 years as an Assaulted Women & Children’s Advocate. She is a community volunteer with the Seattle Police Department, Victim Support Team working in the area of domestic violence. During her free time, Ophelia enjoys writing, rock climbing, singing and yoga.

(Wo)Men Speak Out™ Board of Directors

The Board of Directors bring a unique combination of professional competence and personal commitment to governing the activities of WSO.

Angela Rakis is an advocate for victims of sexual abuse. Her passion for helping and supporting started when she held the position of Victim’s Advocate for the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office in her home town in Michigan. Since then she has held a Vice President position on the board of VOICES in Action, received her certification from the Grant Writers Association and has supported and hosted many victim’s education events.

Cari Seaborne is a licensed mental health counselor associate in Seattle, Washington. In her private practice work, Cari provides integrated therapies to trauma survivors that are founded in mindfulness, body-mind awareness, and creative modalities. Since 2009 she has served as a community volunteer for the Seattle Police Department Victim Support Team providing crisis services and resources to victims of domestic violence during the weekend gap when advocacy follow up is delayed. As part of her commitment to social justice, she seeks to challenge stigma and oppressive systems by building awareness in individuals, couples and groups.

Constance Crabtree

(Wo)Men Speak Out™ Advisory Board members play an integral part in development and outreach in the community.

Aleksandra Grzywaczewska has been working as a graphic designer at the Art Gallery of Ontario for over 9 years after earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honors and a Bachelor of Design with Honors degrees at York University in Toronto, Canada. Being passionate about many causes, she finds it important to contribute her time in aiding organizations with their visual communication and branding, including the (Wo)Men Speak Out™ logo, Minizine and website, knowing that “poor design can undermine the best of intentions”.

Scott Dietrich, is a Public Relations Specialist and the Director of Purpose Driven Publicity. His personal mission has always been a little different from most publicists. His handpicked clientele of outstanding individuals have more to offer than just a product, but something truly tangible to give to their communities. As Founder and Executive Director of PD Publicity, Scott’s simple but incredibly effective approach has always revolved around building personal relationships. Through his natural talent and vision for finding the best outlets for his speakers, he has fostered a network of change. Scott is a leader in community outreach, bringing passion and creativity to everything he does. He previously served on the Advisory Board of Ophelia’s Love and currently represents (Wo)Men Speak Out™ for all speaking and community events.

CONTACT US: info @ womenspeakoutnow.com (remove spaces)