Bill Zeller and Dealing With The Cause

Chris de Serres discusses his thoughts on Bill Zeller and challenges colleges to deal with the cause of violence in a meaningful way.


2 thoughts on “Bill Zeller and Dealing With The Cause

  1. I have been saying the exact same thing for 3-4 years. I have written a half dozen colleges and professors in the northeast ans it is always the same responce. We don’t want to get the kids to upset!!!!! So leave the problem to someone else. It is not a coincidence that the drop out rate and abuse rates are the same in freshmen year. I even sent letters asking why the two rates are the same. I came at them from a financial point of view. Address this and keep your students and make more profit for that is the sole purpose of each higher educational institution, the bottom line. Stil no responce. first letters I got a responce , second none. obviously they know the answer also or they would have responded like the first batch. So sad and misimformed. I will continue with this until I am heard. Sooner or latter I will reach the right person.

  2. Thank you again Chris. We are working get Boys and Men Healing film to colleges, yet also campus counseling programs and local rape crisis counseling centers need to be proactive in offering services and reaching out to men. Thank you again for your words. There are so many men out there like Bill Zeller we need to reach.

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